Wildlife Photography at its best – sponsored by none other than National Geographic

Project Description

We were fortunate to work with National Geographic at the opening of The Photo Ark exhibition at the MNCN in Madrid. Basically, we served as a connection between two worlds, in which all those involved were willing participants. It is always a pleasure to spend time with nature lovers. Joel Sartore spent a complete day at the National Museum of Natural History in Madrid. And when we say complete we mean: the last touches to the exhibition, a guided tour of the exhibition, a press conference, individual interviews with various media outlets, a cocktail, and a talk to hundreds of people. Our job? To give language support to every moment necessary, sometimes in Spanish, sometimes in English. It was a pleasure.

Working for National Geographic as an interpreter for the day was an amazing experience at the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales de Madrid

A dedication in the book Photo Ark, by Joel Sartore.

What a wonderful experience!

It was a full day with a press conference, interviews, a guided tour, a talk for hundreds of people. Entertaining, stimulating, exciting, in short: an honor.

A day by the side of Joel Sartore

The objective of the day was to accompany the guest of honor, Joel Sartore. A world renown photographer of National Geographic of whom everybody is speaking. His project The Photo Ark is recognized and exhibited worldwide, giving a voice to animals big and small, to help save them from extinction. During the day there was a press conference and a tour of the exhibition set up at the National Museum of Natural Sciences of Madrid. There were also programmed interviews with different media outlets. We were the language back-up, sometimes translating everything, sometimes offering a word here or there. At night there was a speech for the friends of the museum, with a full house of hundreds of attendees.

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