Is it really possible for a creative workshop to help me improve my confidence in English?
Watch this informative video.

Who can participate?

The workshops are for all ages and levels, depending on the workshop. Every workshop is adapted to the participants, interview/level test pending. The specific information is in the dossier available upon request.

Tu nivel de inglés
Tengo miedo de hablar en público

Our very talented actor and writer has been applying her techniques to language teaching when her busy schedule allows it. You will be amazed at how simple tricks and a little push in the right direction will open up your future in English.

Creative thinking

Our lovely and experienced writer and poet has been sharing her creativity process with her students all over the world for many years now. She has developed many incredible workshops adapted to help unblock and unleash healthy thought processes so you can be free in English. This is an experience you will not want to miss out on!

Journal Writing
No puedo participar en reuniones

Communication made easy: English 101

This very intensive course is the outcome of many years of English teaching, organized to help you make quicker decisions and have more confidence in your abilities, through specific techniques. Many abilities can not be learnt, but if you know they exist, it makes your life much easier. Trust us on this one, with these few tips and tricks, you can boost your level and confidence in a very, very short time.