Esto es un paquete de 4 clases en grupo de una hora. Detalles abajo.

This is a way we’ve devised so that we can stay in touch, and all the while, enjoy ourselves, progress with your language skills. It’s like the perfect excuse to do something you like – and there are no calories! What could be better, right?



There are somethings you should know:

  • You are purchasing a bono of 4 classes of one hour.
  • The bono expires within 2 months from the date of purchase.
  • You may reserve up to 3 classes a week.
  • If you may not attend the reserved class, you must cancel the session with at least 24 hours notice, or the session counts as “class given”.
  • In order to reserve your classes, you must introduce the ORDER NUMBER (número de pedido) with each reservation, indicating also how many classes are left in your bono.

These classes are through invitation only, so if you DO invite somebody, your next purchase of the BONO 4 will include 2 extra classes.

  • Your guest may try a class, and decide afterwards to continue or not. If they do continue, that class will be discounted from the bono they purchase.
  • For the class to work, there is a minimum requirement of three students signing up, and a maximum of five.
  • This is automatically regulated, however, if it is cancelled due to the cancellation of other participants, you may be notified about that through email.

If the timings are not adequate for you, please advise so that we may make some changes in our programming!

With the first purchase, you should create an account. This is somewhat time consuming, but it is necessary to make your bill.  Your subsequent purchases should be quicker, as we will already have your information.


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