“JUST ME” 12


Package of 12 one to one classes of 60 minutes.

They can be by phone or virtual. We can asses the situation better after our first class.

The first class is free of charge (20 minutes) to ensure your level and language needs, so that we can come up with a mutual agreement of how to proceed.

The package expires after two months.

You may cancel class within 6 hours without it being charged.


Let us help you perfect your English through guided conversation.

Phone classes are intense and are designed to get results – fast.

So, do you need to work on something specific, or just think that what you need right now is absolute flexibility (time wise) as well as individual attention?  In this case you can have it all!

  • This purchase includes 12 classes/sessions of 60 minutes.  You can program these classes to suit your availability.
  • The first class is a free 20 minute interview, so that we can determine your level and learning specifics (what you would like and what we think you need), so that we can come to a mutual agreement of how to proceed.
  • This is suitable for all levels.

We suggest that lower levels have virtual classes (at the beginning) to gradually evolve to telephone classes.

Do you have a friend who might be interested?  If they sign up, you get two extra classes free of charge, added on to your next purchase.


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