A project to support the National Museum of Natural Science in Madrid and to help enable their services in English

Project details

More than a project, this is an ongoing collaboration, gradual, focused on the workshops, services, and communications, so that they may be perceived by the English public, or English learning public, just as that of the Spanish. It is the difference between English training and the consulting services applied, based on our over 20 years of experience. It is not an all or nothing, it is a small touch here or there, it’s knowing who to call when you need a last minute correction, or to practice a speech, or someone to design a programme for children in English for their specialists to work with.

 A tweet we made to support an exhibition with a children’s game that ended with a sticker in the form of a sheriff’s star (badge).

Part of the material of a workshop that we adapted to English

The workshops of the museum are fun and highly informative. The challenge was to achieve the same objectives with English workshops and that the same monitors would be able to give those workshops in English as in Spanish. We adapted material and games, as well as provided a script as support, and that, with the same effort, the children could enjoy themselves in English as well. The workshops in English are suitable, differentiating between completely bilingual students or students with an English level corresponding to their age in an English as a Second Language learning environment.

Some of our most notable translations through our collaboration with the museum.

The entire site of the museum.

Signage for various exhibitions.

Material for some events or workshops.

Web of various European projects. 

Subtitles for the 250th Anniversary documentary.

Workshops + language training

Various training sessions to go over communication tricks and practice the different workshops to be given in English. Also, ongoing group classes organised for the researchers interested on a private level, taking advantage of our working relationship and closeness to the diverse projects.

Fun in English and Science

Each summer camp counted on our monitors to have fun in English. Science games, arts and crafts, story-telling, the break – the children were exposed to fun in English.

Other projects